Our values

Our values

Our values towards our customers

Exigency and Rigor

For 40 years, AML is operating in one of the most restrictive and regulated business area’s wich is the aerospace industry.

Rigour and exigency are at the heart of our business. These values are shared by each of our employees, allowing AML to grow and sustain its business.

We are proud of the long-term relationships we have forged with highly technological companies and undisputed leaders in their business area.

At AML, exigency is part of the corporate culture.

Authenticity and Caring

At AML we are convinced that authenticity and kindness in our teams are driving the development and success of the group.

Mr. Alfred LIMBACH integrated this value perfectly when he founded the “Limbach Mechanical Workshop” in 1972 and passed these values to his son Régis, who now runs AML.

These values are still at the heart of his management today.

The complexity of the projects on which AML is now working implies the use of different skills and resources.

The perfect synergy between these resources is key to successfully realizing such projects.

We cultivate the constant desire to be authentic, to work together with goodwill to optimize our business objectives.

Alone, we may advance faster, but together we certainly go further.


All levels of the group’s organization chart are concerned with an important corporate value: transparency.

Many of the components produced at AML are parts for flight or a space environment, so we’re talking about highly sensitive equipment.

We are committed to meet the high levels of quality, traceability and transparency our customers expect. This recognized reliability is the guarantee of a renewed confidence, allowing us to continue to progress.

No deviation can be tolerated, which is why 100% of the parts leaving AML must meet a very high level of quality. All important information related to our production is collected, archived and shared with our stragic customers through meetings and documented paper work.

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Our values

Exigency and Rigor