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Our vision

  • An international technical leader

    AML Microtechnique Lorraine operates in the aeronautics, space and defence business area’s for more than 35 years and collaborates with the major Tier 1 players in these markets.

    As a leading supplier of customers who help us grow in an extremely demanding industrial environment, we help our customers through partnerships or co-developments where we share our expertise and innovations.

  • Long-term collaborations

    Listen to the customer, honesty and transparency are at the heart of our corporate values.  AML has been able, through many years of shared success, to establish an authentic relationship of trust with its strategic customers.

    AML is organized in such a way that each of our customers always have a single dedicated contact person.

    Our goal is to create long-term, productive relationships.

  • An actual expertise in complex project management

    For many years AML has created a structure perfectly suited to the management of complex projects in highly regulated cutting-edge areas.

    Thanks to it’s human resources strategy, AML has strengthened its organization till a recognized expert in supply chain management and project planning for the Aerospace and Defence industry.

    AML deploys a transverse project management process enabling all types of projects to be managed through the following five major steps:

    • Project launch
    • Scheduling
    • Execution
    • Control and monitoring
    • Project closure


  • AML Microtechnique Lorraine - Vision - Initiative and autonomy

    Initiative and autonomy

    First of all, it is important to highlight that AML has a policy of transparency towards all its customers.

    Proactivity and bringing forward creative proposals are clearly a part of the mantra of AML and are values widely shared by all employees.

    This AML’s great strengths become visible when projects become more complex.

    It is about the ability to react, to remain agile and to propose efficient alternatives to our strategic customers with optimized lead-time.

  • AML Microtechnique Lorraine - Vision - Experience

    Building on our experience

    With 40 years of experience in the aerospace business area’s, AML counts on its past experiences to define the future strategy and objectives.

    Through its 4 decades of success and fruitful customer relations with internationally recognized players, we have developed a very high level of competence in niche areas such as brazing, design and industrialization of components for aerospace and defence industries. The combination of different areas of expertise give AML a very unique know-how.

  • AML Microtechnique Lorraine - Vision - Human resources

    Human resources

    Several years ago, AML did put in place a structure adapted to the management of complex projects in the aeronautics, space and defence area’s.

    To do so, the management of AML has chosen to dedicate its account managers to each customer or per family of products.

    In this way, our strategic customers always have the most appropriate contact for their technical discussions with AML.

    Achieving this organizational objective requires three key elements:

    • Continuous training of our staff
    • The flexibility of our employees and their ability to ensure different key processes
    • A recruitment strategy allowing AML to develop its skills by hiring engineers, doctors, PhD students, etc.
  • AML Microtechnique Lorraine - Vision - Smart data

    Using smart data

    One of the strong wishes of the management at AML is the collection, analysis and use of valuable process data.

    Data must be reliable, transparent, relevant and up-to-date, as it is part of the company’s strategic decision-making and performance measurement tools.

    So, on the one hand we have to acquire data, on the other hand we have to be able to analyze and exploit this data.

    This is why AML has acquired a new ERP specially adapted to the aerospace industry.

    This system integrates all the constraints imposed by our business areas: transparency, traceability, quality management, documentation, planning and compliance with deadlines, etc.

    By doing so, we are able to collect all the crucial information, and to make the best decisions.

  • AML Microtechnique Lorraine - Vision - Continuous improvement and innovation

    Continuous improvement and innovation

    The objective of AML over the next 5 years is the implementation of its Innovation Plan.

    We propose to our customers disruptive solutions and technologies that will allow them to approach the design phases in a different way, incorporating much more freedom and creativity.

    AML offers its customers functional subsystems, always more competitive, whether in terms of performance, price, or leadtime.

    In 2021, AML created AML Innovation, an entity dedicated exclusively to R&D.

    This branch of the group develops solutions to specific industrial problems highlighted by the major players of our business areas.

    Note that the companies AML Microtechnique Lorraine and AML Innovation are located less than 100 m from each other, wich greatly facilitates daily exchanges.

    It was in this context that the I2PMD research and development program was born.

    I2PMD stands for “Innovative Post Process and Microwave Design”, a program developed by AML to contribute to the value chain of additive manufacturing.

    It is a complementary process to 3D printing operations, dedicated to manufacturing of microwave components.

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