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Inauguration of the AML Innovation start-up

10 September 2022

The surface treatment industry must adapt to the 3D metal printing market to meet technical, qualitative, economic and ecological requirements.

AML oriented its research in 2015 to develop an advanced surface treatment technology representing a real alternative to the needs of the industry.

In partnership with the University of Lorraine, we developed in 2019 a disruptive technology called LiCS Coating® (Liquid Chemical Suspension Coating) for metal deposits on machined and/or 3D printed parts.

Created in 2020, AML Innovation is the realization of the transfer of this technology. The young start-up is now ready to offer innovative surface treatments and push the limits in the value chain of additive manufacturing.

AML Innovation benefited from the government’s recovery plan to create and develop an industrial platform for surface treatments and a multi-material vacuum brazing unit.

Winner of the “France Relance 2021” plan, the newly created company AML Innovation was accompanied by the Groupe ILP, institutional fund, the entrepreneurial fund, Ader Investment, private funds, as well as the BPALC bank.

The medical, automotive, nuclear and renewable energy markets may well use the solutions of AML Innovation which intends to continue the development of new deposits combined with multi-material brazing.

AML Microtechnique

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