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Research and Development program I2PMD

25 March 2022

I2PMD, acronym for Innovative Post Process and Microwave Design is a development program initiated by AML.  Its goal is to contribute to the value chain of additive manufacturing.

This global approach integrats the 3D printing to our value chain, for the manufacturing of microwave components.

I2PMD aims to improve the functional performances of microwave components taking profit from the advantages of additive manufacturing.

While 3D printing has liberated designers from thinking conventional designs, it has allowed functions to be miniaturized, grouped together and decreases the number of parts in a microwave sub assembly.

This development has resulted in more simplified designs with persisting difficulties in functionalizing surfaces through conventional surface treatment processes.

I2PMD offers an innovative concept to push the performances of 3D printed microwave components. This new process allows an access to all surfaces requiring functionalization. The LiCS Coating process is entirely developed and controlled by the start-up AML Innovation.

The I2PMD program allows the designer to:

  • Focus design on the performance of 3D printed products
  • To group functions and functionalize surfaces
  • Functionalize surfaces with a difficult access for the conventional surface treatments
  • Optimize the number of manufacturing steps by proposing a process integrated into the additive manufacturing process
  • Increase the ratio of design and manufacturing cost against product performance.

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