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Social and environmental responsibility – How AML is committed to a sustainable and responsible future.

11 April 2023


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming increasingly important for all of us. SMEs, like AML Microtechnique Lorraine, have a key role to play in promoting sustainable business practices. In this article, we will detail the importance of CSR for SMEs. We will then see how the AML group has implemented certain practices to meet this demand.

What is CSR and why is it important for SMEs?

Definition of CSR

CSR, an acronym for Corporate Social Responsibility, is a business approach that takes into account the social, environmental, and economic impacts of business activity. It aims to maximize positive impacts and minimize negative ones.

Importance of CSR for SMEs

SMEs have a significant impact on the economy and society. Approximately 99% of businesses in Europe are SMEs, they employ 2/3 of the European workforce, and are responsible for half of the European added value. CSR can help SMEs improve their reputation, strengthen their brand, attract investors and customers, and reduce risks related to unethical business practices.

AML Microtechnique Lorraine and CSR

AML Microtechnique Lorraine’s CSR initiatives :

The AML Microtechnique group has begun to implement some CSR initiatives in response to the growing demand for more sustainable practices. Here are some examples:

  • Collaboration with local partners whenever it’s possible to reduce the environmental impact of transportation
  • Installation of eco-responsible lighting throughout the company (LED + presence sensor)
  • Training of employees in sustainable business practices
  • Submission of a file to obtain the “Coq Vert” label
  • Anonymous survey on “Well-being in the company” for AML employees
  • Ongoing procedures to obtain the employer brand label

Designing eco-responsible products: The LiCS Coating®, a new disruptive surface treatment developed and patented by AML:

Through the AML Innovation startup, the AML group has developed a disruptive surface treatment technology: The LiCS Coating®. This new metallization method is fully in line with an eco-responsible approach:

  • Unlike currently available techniques on the market, we do not use any chemical treatment baths.
  • We use the right amount of LiCS Coating® product to cover only the areas to be treated.
  • The products that make up our solution are fully recyclable.

What benefits of CSR for AML Microtechnique Lorraine ?

We have already had the chance to see some positive effects due to the deployment of these CSR practices within the group:

  • Improvement of the company’s reputation and brand (employees, investors, and customers)
  • Strengthening the relationship with customers through ethical business practices that take into account their longer-term strategic issues.
  • Optimization of transportation costs.

In conclusion :

CSR is essential to ensure the prosperity of SMEs like AML Microtechnique Lorraine in a future where consumers and investors place particular importance on ethical and sustainable business practices in their purchasing decisions.

Visit the French government’s website for more information on CSR concepts.

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