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The AML group

AML Microtechnique Lorraine - France
AML Microtechnique Morocco
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The AML group consists of 3 subsidiaries with different missions.

AML Microtechnique Lorraine, the group’s parent company, is based in Fèves, France. AML Microtechnique Lorraine is involved since 1972 in the co-development and manufacturing of microwave and heat dissipation solutions for the world’s major aerospace & defence contractors.

Our second entity, AML Morocco, was created in 2007. This subsidiary allows additional capacity for our customers while mitigating risks with a second operational resource.

The Group’s third company, AML Innovation, is exclusively dedicated to disruptive industrial innovation. This subsidiary of the group is particularly interested in the metal 3D printing value chain.


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Business areas

  • AML Microtechnique Lorraine - Aeronautics business area


    Historically linked to the metallurgy and precision machining business area, AML Microtechnique Lorraine enters the aerospace market in 1982, following a request from the prestigious French aircraft manufacturer DASSAULT.

    The level of excellence achieved by AML allows us to be present today on many military airborne aircraft programs such as the Eurofighter, the NH 90, the A400M transport aircraft, the Rafale etc.

  • AML Microtechnique Lorraine - Space business area


    The group enters the space market in 1998. AML becomes familiar with the space industry requirements following a request from Alcatel Space (now Thales Alenia Space) to supply components for new telecommunications satellites.

    AML Groupe continues to develop this expertise to become a strategic supplier to other major players in this market.

  • AML Microtechnique Lorraine - Defence business area


    With more than 40 years of experience in the defence market, with an organization particularly adapted to Business area’s with very strong requierement, AML has become a partner of choice.

    The products designed and supplied by AML are found on many military programs of all types: fighter aircraft, transport aircraft, warships, civil & military satellites, missiles, terrestrial and airborne radar systems, etc.

Our vision, our strategy

Innovation, International development, Technical leader

Our values

Perseverance, Authenticity, High level of requirements

Our mission

Our latest projects

Supply of waveguides for the IRIDIUM Next constellation

Thales Alenia Space

AML Microtechnique Lorraine - Supply of waveguides for the IRIDIUM Next constellation
AML Microtechnique Lorraine - Manufacturing of RF rotary joints for the STAR NG radar system

Manufacturing of RF rotary joints for the STAR NG radar system


AML Microtechnique Lorraine - Supply of EPMU housing for the TP400D6 engine of the Airbus A400M transport aircraft

Supply of EPMU housing for the TP400D6 engine of the Airbus A400M transport aircraft

MTU Aero Engines

Customer opinions

Airbus Defense & Space

« AML est un partenaire de grande valeur avec qui nous travaillons en coopération sur différents sujets, qu’il soit industriel, commerciaux ou encore technique.

AML Microtechnique nous a toujours fourni du support et des solutions innovantes dans le but de repondre à nos besoins en termes de compétitivité. Nous pouvons notamment penser à leur technique avant-gardiste de traitement de surface tout juste développée. »

Head of Payload Products Commodity, Airbus Defense and Space

« Travailler en collaboration avec le service Innovation d’AML nous a permis de développer des projets à la pointe de la technologie grâce à leur connaissance approfondie des composants hyperfréquences.

Nous avons trouvé en AML un partenaire précieux qui peut nous aider à atteindre nos objectifs, nous seulement en raison de la qualité de leurs produits mais aussi par le niveau technique exceptionnel et le soutien de leurs équipes. » . »

Electronic Engineer, INVAP

« Le partenariat qui nous unit depuis de nombreuses années, AML Microtechnique Lorraine le doit à son savoir-faire et son professionnalisme reconnus.

La place grandissante accordée à l’innovation et aux technologies plus durables en fait un acteur avec lequel nous pouvons nous projeter dans l’avenir. »

Responsable Achats Equipements Mécaniques Hyperfréquences Groupe, Thales
  • Airbus Defense & Space
  • Indra
  • Liebherr
  • MBDA Missile Systems
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • MTU Aero Engines
  • Thales


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AML Microtechnique

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57280 Fèves – France

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Aerospace products
Passive microwave products
Enclosures, housings and cold plates


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International leader
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Our values

Exigency and Rigor